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Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Three Day Rule" an invite-only dating website (NO); "Ryan's Barkery" all-natural dog treats (YES); "Tom Chee" a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich restaurant (YES); "Verbalize It" a translator service (YES); Update on: Season 4 Recap Note: This episode concluded with a promotion for the Disney Channel show Phineas and Ferb where one of the characters entered the tank to present a mock pitch to the sharks.

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Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Gotta Have S'More" s'more based muffins (NO); "How Do You Roll?

Sharks: Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Postcard on the Run" a mobile app for sending postcards (YES); "Lynnae's Gourmet Pickles" specialty pickles (NO); "Rolo Doc" a system for upgrading communication between patients and medical professionals (NO); "Sweet Ballz" cake balls (YES); Update on: Wicked Good Cupcakes (Episode 423) Note: This is the first episode with both Barbara and Lori, and the first episode without Daymond John.