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I suffer from anxiety and can feel that there will be many nights lost sleep over this. Even though they are supposedly random letters - we shouldn't all be treated like criminals! Hi there, I have received a call from tha tax credit people today enquiring about much the same thing. Asked if anybody living with me etc and to list all occupents etc i laughed and told them i wish i wasnt on my own. Im alaw abiding person and felt rather interigated!!

A research of the internet has shown me that they are sending these letters out to lone parents before doing full compliance checks.It insinuates that I was commiting fraud with the following sentences: I've had a lot of compliance checks since becoming a single parent a few years ago.On several occasions they have seen my bank statements, employment contract, childcare contract, rent agreement, council tax bill, utility bill also mentions that they are aware lots of people are caiming single tax credits when they are infact a couple.

i have done nothing wrong but its making me feel like i have.

i have also received one of these letters today and was worried because i had previously sent a letter to tax credits advisin a change of circumstance as never able to get thru by phone!

Adult dating that doesnt require ceredit card comments

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