Adult dating that doesnt require ceredit card

I suffer from anxiety and can feel that there will be many nights lost sleep over this. Even though they are supposedly random letters - we shouldn't all be treated like criminals! Hi there, I have received a call from tha tax credit people today enquiring about much the same thing. Asked if anybody living with me etc and to list all occupents etc i laughed and told them i wish i wasnt on my own. Im alaw abiding person and felt rather interigated!!They said it was a satisfaction survey to check my details and claim were correct. Claire xx Hello i'm new also, had a random call today from tax credit asking odd questions such as did i get post at my address for anyone else,was i married to anyone abroad,did anyone else look after my children....totally paranoid now. What happens is a random list of names are pulled out for reviews.Basically these get sent out to check your information and to help stop fraud.Basically they go out to check all your details are still correct and to check that your information still matches what they have on record. You need to make sure you always provide the information as soon as possible to avoid any annoyance Are your letter "Single tax credits claim - is your right?So I completed the online fraud report and sent an attachment of the letter.They responded telling me it was genuine but agreed it wasn't composed very well and they were looking at this.Nothing has changed in my circumstances just odd l have had the single letter!

But I'm still fuming about the wording on the letter.I actually complained about the letter I got as it wasn't written very well, several things were "not right" about it and initially I thought it was someone on a phishing trip.When I contacted the helpline about it, and TWO Team Managers told me there was no such number and there was no such office as "Charles House" - where the letter came from." did you get a reply after phoning them - Ive had one entitled "Childcare costs - are yours right?

" but Ive updated them all the time with any changes.... it asks me to give the number a call to go though my circumstances and changes and it goes on to explain who they consider to be a couple.

As mentioned above l had one of these letters yesterday to give them a call!