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As my pain worsened and I have become more limited, this isn't an option anymore. I am unable to do a lot of everyday things because of my pain, which I have a tendency to blame on my body.I seem to see my body and my mind as separate entities.

Woman E: My current boyfriend feels protective toward me, but there's no negative impact because of it.Woman A: Fatigue and GI issues are a large part of my disease, so it's difficult for me to have spontaneous sex and that can be a downer.My sex drive has been consistently low as my disease has progressed.I've had lengthy conversations with men who are shocked that disabled people have the same sexual desires as them and have sex lives too.

I recently spoke with a guy I was at school with and he confessed that he liked me at the time, but couldn't figure out how or if I could have sexual relationships.

Women with disabilities are often portrayed either as fragile flowers or oversexed, needing to be protected from the world and from their own sex drive. Woman D: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome — which causes physical pain and mobility difficulties — depression and anorexia. Most people assume not walking is the worst aspect of my disability but it's not really.

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