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A bride of Ukraine satisfies with small, because a life abroad for her already seems like a fairy tale.And in fact they are the native gene pool of the Ukrainian nation.Usually young women go abroad: 60% - at the age of 30, of which 7% - under 20, 30 % - 30-40 years old women. Most of the girls leave for marriage to the USA (according to statistics more than 40 %) Why and what do girls from Ukraine like in American men, why do they prefer to get married them?What is a typical portrait of the groom from the United States, coming to Ukraine to find his bride?

This is a man from 30 to 50, often divorced and has children. From a (next) marriage such a man is waiting for a comfort and stability, confidence in his wife. He is absolutely fine if his fiance has children from the previous marriage.

American Department of Immigration and Naturalization ordered a study on the question of whom, why, in what quantities and how multimodal marriages come into the United States.

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