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Speaking to the New York Post, she said: 'My kids were ostracized in Florida. All the mothers thought their kids would get the Amy Fisher gene if they hung out with them.'Things got so bad for my [eldest] son, the school psychologist even suggested he drop out and get his GED.'She also claimed a stalker jumped over her fence surrounding their gated community to harass her.'I was really scared. I don't want any lunatics coming after me', she added.She told the newspaper: 'My aunt was telling me to come back.The hog, which has been signed on the tank by the Pope, is to be auctioned off by Bonhams auction house in Paris, France in February and will raise money for Caritas Roma, a charity which works on behalf of the Roman Catholic church.Ben Walker, head of motorcycles at Bonhams, said: 'We are incredibly honoured to be selling this item on behalf of Caritas Roma.'Long Island Lolita' Amy Fisher who famously shot the wife of her 35-year-old lover when she was just 16 has returned to New York after her three children were 'ostracized' in Florida.Fisher, 42, better known as the Long Island Lolita, became notorious for shooting her lover's wife in the face in 1992.As most experienced actors, Paul, played by John Ritter, wanted Bridget to learn more and more about acting and this was an opportunity.

Bridget is doing just fine with her lines, but as the conversation on sex enters the dialog, Paul can’t focus anymore. Fisher was jailed for six years after pleading guilty to first-degree aggravated assault.Her lover also served six months for statutory rape of a minor.In a previous interview Mary Jo said: 'I never saw a gun. I just turned, and I put my hand on the door to open it, and that was the end of it.