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The former Xtra Factor host was pictured earlier this week dancing in the street depsite looking all hot and sweaty from rehearsals.Dressing comfortably for her training, Caroline wore a baggy grey T-shirt and black harem trousers as she bid farewell to 34-year-old Pasha.Don't know if the Iberocoop network is awarding any prizes.The 34-year-old star has been putting in seven hours of training per day with her professional dance partner Pasha Kovalev, and she appears to be loving it.Addition of a diminutive suffix, usually -ie or -y, often to an already shortened name. Although most often applied to the names of children, it is not uncommon for an adult to be referred to by the diminutive, especially by family, friends and close acquaintances: Also, initials of complex names are often used as the hypocorism, e.g.: Brandon William → B W → B Dub Esperanto forms nicknames by suffixing -njo (for females) and -ĉjo (for males) to the first letter(s) of the basic name or word.Informal French has a number of diminutive nicknames, although not as systematically as in English.In French, for both male and female names, hypocorisms are most commonly formed by dropping the last syllable: A special case is the ending in -ick/ -ic, which is the French writing for the hypocoristic form in Breton "-ig", used for both genders. This diminutive, in its French form of "ick" or "ic", became in vogue for official names in the second half of the 20th century: In Breton, the diminutive form "...ig" can be given to any kind of names, nouns or adjectives, (un tammig, a few), while in French it relates only to given names. Often in Breton a hypocoristic form of a given name can be made by putting away the first syllable."Frañsoaz" becomes a familiar "Soaz" then, given to a child, the name is "Soazig", but not as an official name.

For many of the hypocorisms listed below, a diminutive may be used (e.g.She was still wearing the strappy heels that all female contestants have to practice in, and clearly wasn't in pain after dancing in them.Pasha's girlfriend, Countdown star Rachel Riley, 28, recently sent Caroline a gift box filled with chocolates and plasters to wish her well on the show.As evident from the above-mentioned examples, hypocorisms frequently demonstrate (indirectly) a phonological linguistic universal (or tendency) for high-pitched sounds to be used for smaller creatures and objects (here as more "cute" or less imposing names).

Higher-pitched sounds are associated with smaller creatures because smaller creatures can only make such high frequency sounds given their smaller larynxes.

The ending -oche (with or without an intervening consonant or phoneme to make it easier to pronounce) is also sometimes used: cinoche (cinéma), Mac Doche (Mc Donald's), fastoche (easy-peezy, from facile, easy).

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