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: While the star performances are yet to come, this sport will be making its Olympic debut in London this summer.It is a watershed moment for all female boxers and an opportunity for a few of the women in the competition to really distinguish themselves.She's emerged as a leading role model for those seeking to find the confidence to lead.And when I asked several women journalists to name the most prominent woman in business, it was her over and over.Update: Thank you so much for these wonderful suggestions!So many creative, empathetic, fearless women to choose from. Along the way, Griner became just the second female player to dunk in the NCAA Tournament (and she did it twice).: With 1,098 wins and eight national championships, Summitt is the most decorated coach in all of college basketball.

Mitt said he didn’t have the problem with the ladies, on account of he asked his wife what she thought about economic issues, so there.

: In the face of personal attacks and immense renewed opposition nationally to women's reproductive rights, Fluke has emerged as a poised, articulate, unflappable voice of reason on issues that affect every woman in the United States.