Autodesk inventor drawing not updating

I made some tests today and believe I can get the views to update by closing the idw file, changing, updating, saving then closing the the model and reopening the idw file. IDW's will only update once you have saved the model and sometimes hit the update button.However if your graphics card is not up to scratch I have found that you actually have to close and reopen the IDW as well.If you want to update your locked view rep, simply first right click and unlock it, make your changes and then lock it again.

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If you do not lock your View Reps then the same is true any new items added will by default appear visible in all unlocked view reps.You cannot get model data, add or edit drawing views, or work with parts lists and balloons.does not respond to changes in the model, you can use it to record a specific step in the design or to archive a released drawing permanently.When this case happens, reattach or replace the annotation.