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Tim flirted with Improv for awhile, but when he learned about long-form improvisation, he knew this was more than just a crush.So, Tim decided to see where this romance would take him and in July of 2012, he spent five hot and heavy weeks at i O Chicago's summer intensive program.Beth first sought out improvisational comedy while living in DC as a way to improve her ability to think on her feet as a consultant. She is super excited to be performing with Buddy Buddy.Beth is currently busy growing her first baby, as well as her first organic food garden...Back in the projection room, Buddy mends a broken film reel by hammering a staple into it.He places the reel in the projector and starts the film, this time an advertisement for "Attractions Coming". " "In fact," says a plane that falls, unceremoniously, to the earth, "it's almost mediocre." "Don't fail to see James Bagknee (James Cagney) in "Here Comes the Gravy." The advertisements continue, and finally we come to "The Chinchilla", the Film within a film.There is an obvious flaw with the positioning of the projector, which Buddy adjusts so that the screen displays "Coming Attractions," as it should. Cookie sits at a piano, playing "How High Can a Little Bird Fly? By a pulley device, he is able to switch the projection screen to a clothesline, on which hangs a pair of long underwear.Apparently, this coming motion picture is "The Smash Hit of the Century (three years in the remaking)". " announces the painted wings of an approaching plane. " when an ape-like beast comes through her window; the ape becomes trapped in the piano, Cookie flees, but as the beast comes to the window to continue the chase, we see that she is trapped, by her shirt, on a tree branch. The ape, fantastically transported, jumps to its entrapment.

He re-emerges with a wooden plank, with which he smacks the beast into the distance.Christina Presley caught the improv bug while living in the luscious and lovely Pacific Northwest.Studying at the Brody Theatre and Curious Comedy, she embraced the "yes, and" approach to life. She has studied at Second City and the Annoyance Theater in Chicago and performs regularly with Indy Prov in Indianapolis.

But Amity loves improvising in the long form style with her Buddy Buddies.

), watching TV and movies, playing guitar, and enjoying a beer with friends.