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For some short periods of time, small groups of people in Israel kept it right—but, how to keep it was almost always a bone of contention between God and Israel.That issue is heavily written about in the Bible, and is going to be the subject of this series of sermons.God requires more than lip service to meet His standard, because of what the Sabbath means to our relationship with Him and our development into His image, in the Kingdom of God.

There is a great deal in the Bible about this commandment.But, in Isaiah 1, it seems "the Sabbaths" He refers to there, are "the Sabbaths" that we know of today as Saturday.This leads me to a conclusion: if indeed they were still keeping the weekly Sabbath and the holy days (at least in terms of the right days on the calendar), then God's displeasure was caused by the WAY that they were keeping them, their attitude and lack of understanding as to WHY they should be keeping them. So bad were these issues, that as far as God was concerned, those days that they were keeping were no longer His, and He was separating Himself from them.We're all agreed on that, so I'm not going to be spending very much time proving that we are to keep it.

Most of the time Israel kept it in a fashion that gave at least some form of lip service to God, by means of the fact that they set aside (on their calendars) the seventh-day Sabbath.

When we take time to know God, we become refreshed, strengthened, and actually liberated from worldly entanglements.