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Even more, the Power Packs Data Repeater has significant improvements over the VB6 Data Repeater.The Power Packs Data Repeater is modern (as I said, it is a .Notice that if you already have all data rows loaded into memory like a Data Set filled by the Table Adapter.Fill method, you will not have the performance gain with Virtual Mode.The Layout Style property lets you specify orientation (vertical or horizontal) of the displayed items.The orientation feature is really attractive and I have seen some customers choose the Data Repeater over the Data Grid View simply because the Data Repeter can show data in horizontal orientation.

The Power Packs Data Repeater inherits the basic concept of the VB6 Data Repeater control to display repeated data in a scrollable container.Net control can be used by all languages), more powerful, has more functions, and yet easier to use taking all the advantages of the .Net and Visual Studio Data Access tools and technologies.the Virtual Mode property) in Data Repeater control in parity with the Data Grid View.

This description from MSDN document best describes the role of the Power Packs Data Repeater -- “It can be used as an alternative to the Data Grid View control when you need more control over the layout of the data.” The Power Packs Data Repeater control applies a virtualization technique to display the data in a fashion that scrolling and navigation is fast while rich UI and visual effects are still retained.

First of all, I would like to point out that the Data Repeater control is a true . It can be used not only by Visual Basic but also for any other . The project was initially designed to help VB6 customers migrating to the .