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Every culture – modern and ancient – has found the need to make a mark trying to express this concept. We are all so individual about what inspires us, what speaks to our hearts. All lifting us up to meet this challenge of a lifetime.Relax now and read the stories behind The Hope Tree symbols and see if you can find one that resonates with your heart and spirit. Their love and caring keep us aloft on a higher plane as we focus on the calm tick-tick-tick of our own beating hearts.It was considered extreme disrespect of this sacred gift to waste any part of the Native American bison or to kill it for sport, as many of the white men did.Because of the excessive hunting of white men, the bison in North America nearly died out.Notice that on our sculpted Angel her cape draped wings are very much a part of her being. We all have angels residing in us – as memories, as feelings, as knowing.

We adorn the Hope Tree with a bison to remind us to recall our own boundless stores of spiritual energy – “store-holds” that we have been gathering for a lifetime that will serve us well now. We are grateful to all those who rally for our care and support.It’s behemoth humped shoulders were symbolic of store-holds of energy readily available in the spiritual realms.These cultures revered bison imagery and used it in many ceremonies asking for and anticipating relief from their hardships.We anticipate the emotional and physical prosperity that will soon return.