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The technology also offers advantages in terms of the number of objectives that are impaired and the possibility of its more effective combat use through a flexible structure of commanding both EW systems and individual military hardware items functioning autonomously and as part of contiguous pairs As former Electronic Warfare Chief of the Russian Air Force and currently adviser to the First Deputy CEO of Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET, part of state hi-tech corporation Rostec) Vladimir Mikheyev told TASS, the aircraft’s survivability increases by 20-25 times with modern EW platforms.​Active jamming stations were previously installed on aircraft, whereas today all combat planes are equipped with defensive aids systems.This is a specialized helicopter-borne jammer tasked with conducting electronic suppression and creating a deceptive environment to provide cover for friendly fixed-wing or rotocraft and protect the most important ground facilities.The Rychag-AV is capable of fully ‘blinding” the enemy within a radius of several hundred kilometers and suppressing several targets at a time.Such a platform has been developed and all necessary trials aboard some types of aircraft have already been held The system also has its export version called President-S.It is in great demand on the external market and is supplied to a whole number of countries operating Russian aircraft.

The system can generate active and passive jamming of modern missile infrared homing heads and can also jam modern and advanced radar stations.The Khibiny electronic warfare system was made operational in the Russian Armed Forces in 2013 to defend aircraft against air defense systems.The Khibiny EW system differs from the previous-generation technology by its increased power and intelligence capability.It is designed to protect aircraft and helicopters against surface-to-air missiles with radar and optical (thermal) homing heads.

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