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The building we see today, at any rate, is the result of an earlier baptistry, dating back to the 4century, the square-ended apse and dome being covered with mosaics by Jacopo Torriti, possibly with the assistance of several members of the new Florentine school of painting such as Cimabue and Coppo di Marcovaldo.As you enter the building, your attention is immediately drawn by the precious mosaics in the dome, one of the largest domes in the world in its day to be decorated using this technique.The word used most often in regard to covering is hijab.All qualified Muslim scholars throughout the history of Islam agree that fulfilling the conditions of the dress code is an obligation on all Muslim men and women.Its twenty uppermost panels depict episodes from the life of St.John the Baptist while the remaining eight portray the Christian Virtues.It is covered by a dome of eight segments resting on perimetral walls, but the dome cannot be detected from the outside because it is concealed by the walls being raised above the arcade on the second level and crowned by a flattened pyramidal roof.

[Abu Dawud] Women’s Hijab The purpose of hijab is to cover the awrah and awrah varies in different situations and amongst different groups of people.Islam is a complete way of life, each and every aspect is designed by our Creator to advance happy, healthy communities and ease the path to eternal bliss in Paradise.In today’s society modesty is seen as a sign of weakness or insecurity.John the Baptist, the patron saint of Florence, of Jesus, of Joseph and of the Creation of the World.

The Angelic Hosts occupy the highest register of all, in the centre of the dome.

The North Door, the second to be made and basically modelled on the first, contains scenes from the New Testament in its twenty uppermost panels and the four Evangelists and four Church Fathers in the other eight.