Config file etc xinetd d cvspserver needs updating

You're the only one that will have access to the code, and you are doing all your development in the machine housing the code. You'll need r/w access to the directory (somewhere in /home is fine).For the purposes of the article, we'll assume your user-name is john, and that your project sources are in $HOME/project.In all these cases, you'll need to create an account on your machine for all the developers you trust.In any case, once we are dealing with multiple developers, we need to know how file permissions issues affect a CVS repository.This article addresses the rarely-addressed issue of the mechanisms available for controlling access to source code stored in CVS repositories.

On commercial projects, the group of people who are allowed access to source code is usually as small as possible, even within the company.To allow all trusted CVS users access to the repository, we will create a cvsusers group.To do this, add to /etc/group to create a cvsusers group, and add john and jack to it.In addition, many companies use CVS as a cheaper alternative to more costly SCMs such as Perforce or Clear Case to manage their internal source code.

Config file etc xinetd d cvspserver needs updating comments

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