Consolidating student loans in garnishment

Also consider working for a service program that offers loan forgiveness or an education grant.Programs under the Americorps umbrella will often offer an education grant in exchange for 1-2 years of service. Opting to have your monthly student loan payments drafted right out of your bank account is an easy way to reduce what you're paying in interest and get out of debt faster. Your federal loan servicer will assign you a specific due date each month, but getting your payment in earlier can work to your advantage.There are pros and cons with this process, so make sure to do your research to see if this is the best option for you.Tip: Keep in mind the difference between variable and fixed interest rates.Consider this only if you are having trouble making the minimum payments. Under the public service loan forgiveness program, any remaining balance you owe would be canceled after you've made 10 years' worth of payments.Otherwise, it's much better to save and find extra money to pay off the loan as fast as possible. This can be a major plus if you borrowed heavily to complete your education.S., including loans taken out by students and PLUS loans owed by parents.

A fixed rate will remain the same and a variable rate will change depending on the current market. Many private companies offer tuition assistance or reimbursement to employees who are either attending grad school or have earned their degree.If you broke that up and paid $150 every two weeks, you'd shave a whole year off your payoff time and around $700 off the interest. This can streamline your monthly payments and potentially lower your interest rate.Rates are fixed for the life of the loan, and you still have the option of going with an income-based repayment plan if you need to.Check out this full list of grants that can also help you take care of those loans. Many loan servicers offer a 0.25% interest rate reduction for any borrower that enrolls in automatic payments. The interest on your federal student loans are calculated daily.

Making your payments ahead of the due date reduces the principal faster and cuts the amount of interest you're being charged, so you're not stuck paying as long.

As an undergrad swapping a daily coffee for a payment on your loans can save you hundreds on interest over their lifetime. Splitting your monthly loan payment in two is another easy strategy for eliminating the debt more quickly.

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