Dating a french woman

In fact the French are some of the most politically aware people in the western world.Politics is an important topic of discussion in France and the women too hold definite views on various policies and happenings not only in their country but in the larger international context.Indeed at times they are even accused of being cultural snobs but all this is really a manifestation of their sincere attempts to keep French arts and language alive, especially in the face of increasing globalization and American influence on popular culture.In fact France is one of rare countries of the world which still has a national institution – L’Académie Française – to formally regulate the French language.It is not for nothing that Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world.

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Apart from being politically aware, the French are extremely proud of their culture.So if you are looking to catch the attention of a French lady, try to speak a bit of the language.If you have not learnt it properly before, your accent will probably be terrible – but it will surely pique your girl’s interest and she may even love you for it.This is not to say that you can hop into bed with them any time you like; rather you need to seduce them and the more ingenious the way, the better.