Dating a parapalegic

We were married late last year (2013), and Im finding it hard to keep our marriage going and alive. I also live in daily severe pain that leaves me housebound.I love him, but Im fearing that its not enough anymore. This happened 8 years after my marriage and my husband is by my side supporting me.

I always find it admirable that some women would continue to love a man who is paraplegic...but in the case of disability its compounded 1000X pardon me if I am being rude and you don't have to answer but is it even possible to have sex/intercourse of any sorts ..viarga or any of ed meds work? He has tried many of drugs, but they leave him with headaches, dry throat which makes him gag, and unfortunately they didn't do a single thing.I also feel like he is just not interested in trying anymore.'When I first went on Tinder, I just thought, "OK, I'm a nice person, I'm not bad-looking, I've got a good career", but then I felt like I had to view myself as a disabled person instead.' She is pretty used to it by now, and has found that it doesn't stop her from having a normal, happy life; she travels, has a good job in public relations, and lives by herself.

She has had an active love life, too, mostly dating guys whom she meets in person first.

Just wondering if anyone else is married to a paraplegic. personally if that happened to me I would force my wife to divorce me or have an open marriage because I can't stand the thought of her sticking around.