Dating fishermen

if there are more of them, we can rely on each other more," he said."They are teaching the young ones to catch smaller fish and they bringing them along, so their children can eat," said U Maung Lay, affectionately using the same Burmese word for a human child.Myanmar's Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation Society have been helping these cooperative fishing villages manage a limited eco-tourism program.learn to fish with the dolphins." The master fisherman is keen to share his skills but realistic about how precarious the dolphin population is in the Ayeyarwady."Now in 2018 they are prospering, but if we can't maintain their numbers we are at risk of losing this species," U Maung Lay said. Early to bed…early to rise…fish all day…make up lies. (seen on a quilt in an Alaskan gift shop) ~~~ Fishing isn’t a matter of life and death…. "The electric shock fishing is where the fishermen take a car battery and two electrodes, stick them in the water and electrocute the fish, stun them or kill them and then scoop them up," said Alex Diment, a senior technical adviser at Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

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Pollution, overfishing, abandoned nets and electric fishing are the biggest threats.[and] is starting to become very important for people's livelihoods in remote areas," U Maung Lay said.Encouraged by the rebounding dolphin population and the embrace of eco-tourism, the Myanmar Government has announced a second protected area, further upriver. ~~~ Fishy, fishy in the brook, Papa catch him on a hook, Mama fry him in a pan, Baby eat him like a man.