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We set up Completely Free Dating in 2006 and have spent the following years working hard to create an easy to use free dating website.During this time we have made many changes to the website to ensure it’s easy to navigate across all devices.However, Alibaba seems content to provide just the basics.And many smaller enterprises are perfectly fine with just the basics -- if the price is right -- and that is where Alibaba Cloud services could come in.Because of the many compute options available, it's difficult to perform an apples-to-apples comparison of AWS and Alibaba Cloud pricing; whichever provider is more cost-effective for you is really an "it depends" scenario.For example, according to a price comparison study by Cloud Berry Lab, a provider of cross-platform cloud backup services, an AWS EC2 Linux t2.small instance with one CPU and 2 GB of memory would cost $16.84 per month for on-demand pricing and 100% utilization, or $10.51 per month as a Reserved Instance.Ultimately, the value of Alibaba Cloud services is similar to discount airlines.They might not provide all the services you get from the major carriers -- or go to all of the places you need to go -- but they keep the bigger players honest and the costs down.

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It's quality, not quantity that matters here at Completely Free Dating.We do our best to reply to all enquiries as quickly as possible but sometimes this is not possible, so please bear with us if it takes a day or two to reply to your query.We appreciate that joining a website like ours is a big step for some and can be daunting, therefore making it easy to use and by offering advice in our dating advice and dating guides articles section, we hope to make the experience less intimidating for you.While AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are often pegged as the "Big Three" public cloud platforms, there's a dark horse in the race -- Alibaba Cloud -- that intrigues some enterprise buyers.

According to data that Gartner released last year, Alibaba Cloud surpassed Google in worldwide infrastructure as a service (Iaa S) market share in 2016, and in terms of revenue growth, Alibaba Cloud sales exploded 126.5% to $675 million, up from $298 million in 2015.

A Linux instance with one CPU and 2 GB of memory on Alibaba Cloud costs $19 per month with a monthly subscription.