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The early passion which Indian civilization had for high numbers was a significant factor contributing to the discovery of the place-value system, and not only offered the Indians the incentive to go beyond the "calculable" physical world, but also led to an understanding (much earlier than in our civilization) of the notion of mathematical infinity itself.Sanskrit notation had an excellent conceptual quality.

Breathtaking vistas, numerous temples and pleasant weather all year round make Mount Abu a very, very enticing destination to visit.Horatio Nelson arrived in 1784 at the head of the Squadron of the Leeward Islands to develop the British naval facilities at English Harbour and to enforce stringent commercial shipping laws.The first of these two tasks resulted in construction of Nelson's Dockyard, one of Antigua's finest physical assets; the second resulted in a rather hostile attitude toward the young captain.At Betty's Hope, Codrington's original sugar estate, visitors can see a fully-restored sugar mill.