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She previously served as a co-host for FNC's morning program, Fox & Friends First.

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Believing that no single approach to breast health will prove effective around the world, Komen works with local communities and organizations to develop programs for particular groups or cultures. Komen for the Cure announced their involvement with the US-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, a Middle East Partnership Initiative program that unites leading breast cancer advocates in the U. and the Middle East with the goal increasing early detection of breast cancer and reduce mortality through improved awareness, increased clinical resources, and research.For every one woman whose life is saved by screening mammography, 250 to 500 women will be told that they might have breast cancer when they don't (false positives), 125 to 250 will have biopsies performed, and between two and ten women will receive unnecessary treatment.Other organizations like the National Breast Cancer Coalition follow a "medical consumerism" model in which individual women are educated by their physicians about their options and encouraged to make individualized, evidence-based decisions about their health care.While at WCCB-TV, she reported on local news stories, entertainment, weather and traffic.

Prior to her work at WCCB-TV, Kooiman was a morning news anchor at WNWO-TV (NBC) in Toledo, OH.

The organization has awarded more than 1,000 breast cancer research grants totaling more than $180 million.