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She is a contributing writer to several leadership online publications and has written leadership development resources for North Point Ministries, The re Think Group and more. She has been regularly hosting a singles environment reaching 2000 single men and women weekly at North Point Ministries for the past five years. But before we start the conversation with Jess, we need to follow the other steps.If the first message you send evokes emotion in your Tinder match you’ll be more likely to catch her attention and receive a reply. Stemming from a conversation with over 100 people from a diverse range of ages, relationship statuses and more, author (Kregel Publications) available April 24. 14, 2018) – It is estimated that nearly half of the 110.6 million (2017 U. Census Bureau) single Americans date online, but how can Christians surf the digital dating waters in an honorable way? Whatever it is, just try and find something most guys wouldn’t comment on.

Others however, rarely get a reply from their first message. And if you follow the five simple steps in this post you’ll be well on your way to starting kick-ass Tinder conversations full of flirty banter.So a while ago we ran an experiment to see what types of messages a cute girl on Tinder receives…Here’s the cute girl: And here are the messages she received: As you can see, half of the guys on Tinder aren’t initiating conversations.One out of every two guys won’t say a word, practically throwing away countless dates and hookups.To demonstrate, here’s the Tinder profile of a girl, Jess: As you can see Jess’ Tinder profile above is quite plain, besides the horse photo.

Horses appear to be a passion of hers, so that’s what we’ll use as a topic to for the start of our Tinder conversation.

But with 5 simple steps you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and start a Tinder conversation successfully.