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Spencer played and recorded with Gibson Bros., Boss Hog and The Honeymoon Killers prior to the formation of the Blues Explosion.Judah Bauer, from Appleton, Wisconsin, had been in an early line-up of The Spitters, and with Russell Simins, from Queens, New York, recorded as part of Crowbar Massage.It was with Jerry Teel’s Honeymoon Killers that Bauer, Simins and Spencer would all perform and record and from which they would go on to form The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.The sound of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion was informed by previous bands with influence taken from working with the Gibson Bros.The second session was recorded by Steve Albini at the Waterfront, Hoboken, NJ in November/December 1991.Tracks from both the Kramer and Albini sessions were then officially issued on the Caroline (US) / Hut (UK) release The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion; in larger amounts by Crypt Records as Crypt Style ; and in an alternate version of Crypt Style by 1 2 Records (Japan), including the track "Colty" which was unavailable elsewhere until the 2010 Shout!

"That final Pussy Galore album exuded a very Gibson Brothers-bent version of what was to come with Spencer’s next, more successful venture the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion." "...after five years of Pussy Galore I was able to connect to rock ’n’ roll in some way that I wasn’t able to before," he remembers those formative days.Some of the folksier tunes are iffy – ‘Everything Falls Apart’ smells vaguely of Hootie & The Blowfish – but when Simins plays the triumphantly earnest ‘Comfortable Place’, he shows off a skill Jon Spencer has never had: subtlety. Simins is still clearly more confident banging the drums than manning a guitar up front.Luckily, the fetching singer, Amanda offsets the awkwardness, playing a shimmying Cher to his sappy Sonny for the hip-hop-headed tete-a-tete, ‘Scope’.The first album by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion was the only one to be issued by Caroline Records.

"In 1992, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion inked a deal with Caroline Records and requested a very specific signing bonus-- the then-new 10x CD Jerry Lee Lewis box set.

The band had been playing together for six months when they had their first recording session with Kramer at Noise NY, New York in July 1991 and recorded fourteen songs over the course of three hours, "only doing second takes here and there, we didn't even go to the mixing board".

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