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“When you’re dating, you don’t want to go somewhere generic,” said Margaret Wyzlic, a spokesperson for Ann Arbor.“You want to make it special.” Margaret said residents can eat around the world in Ann Arbor because the city’s restaurant selection features authentic cuisine from so many countries, including Korean and Ethiopian food.On May 25, 1824, John Allen of Virginia and Elisha Rumsey of New York registered a new town called Annarbour in Wayne County, Michigan.The two men had bought the 640 acres of land from the US government for $800 because they wanted to build a settlement where people could raise their families in peace.The international bent of these restaurants offers a remarkable experience for daters with adventurous taste buds.Or, if you want good old-fashioned American dishes, you can make a reservation at Logan Restaurant, a high-end date-night favorite in Ann Arbor.Our dating experts have named Ann Arbor among the most welcoming cities for active daters in Michigan because of its uniquely friendly and diverse atmosphere.If you know where to go, the college town has plenty of entertaining, engaging, and educational date venues to take advantage of.

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Ann Arbor has two historical theaters that show independent films and classic movies.

So you can stop playing defense and focus on making a one-of-a-kind connection.