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Programs designed to help victims leave, then, need to address these concerns.Perhaps most important, though, is the fact that leaving can be dangerous.Responding to Abuse Can be Challenging It's not easy to know what to do when someone you love is in an abusive relationship; confronting the abuser is rarely the solution.The following steps may help: Hello, my name is Pamela, in regards to your post of the detailed information provided explaining all forms of abuse, Woman and Men alike including helpful tips as well of hotline numbers to reach.Consider: Both Men and Women Can be Victims Domestic violence outreach campaigns often focus on women, but both men and women can be and are victims of domestic violence.One study found that 40% of domestic violence victims are men.Research consistently shows that abusers are more likely to kill their victims in the two weeks after they leave than at any other time.When considered in conjunction with the fact that leaving can spark financial troubles, not to mention the pain of losing a relationship, it's easy to understand why so many survivors are hesitant to leave.

There needs to be more precise education pertaining to law enforcement, court system, to my knowledge witness of the matter, to simplify if you have a partner whom was abusive as well having a child together, and your abusive partner is employed affiliated, with law enforcement, unfortunately this takes a different step with the justice system, more weight of this wrong, get's put on the victim, and threaten to lose custody of the child, somewhat being coerced to not report.I find it entertaining that every social worker, every good doer, talks about hot lines and help. They tell you there is no funding for housing, unless you want to stay for a couple weeks in a lock down womens shelter!They tell you to get a plan, bahahaha, if you little to no recourses then the best of plans are not gonna work.I'm gonna be a therapists so i can talk a lot and give people advice tnat does nothing but cause more frustration, cause its useless. What they do is give you a bunch of numbers and tell you to call them.

I'm gonna be a therapists so i can talk a lot and give people advice tnat does nothing but cause more frustration, cause its useless.

These thoughts support a culture of abuse and victim-blaming.

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