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Ok, I admit it, I’ve been dabbling in the world of online dating.It’s been an interesting and, occasionally, eye-opening experience.But the old system did at least provide an asylum in the sense of a place of safety where people who could not look after themselves were cared for.Supposing “care in the community” had been more than an attractive slogan, it might have provided something of a replacement for the old asylums, but the care it provided was always inadequate.

Between 19, the number of state hospital beds in the US available to psychiatric patients fell by over 97 per cent from 559,000 to just 38,000. Here is a deep look at why domestic violence victims don’t leave. Use Your Words Not Fists Violence Not Wanted Would You Hit Your Mother?We invite your class to participate in the Interactive Film; create and post their own dramatic interventions online.

Or write and post their violence prevention Ads online.

You can do this activity just for your own class comprehension and analysis. Watch Jarvis for practical instructions on how to film and post it online.