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We have some successes, we have plenty of failures too, every day is indeed a school day on our little patch. Written by Nadine Pierce, self-confessed gluttonista & author of I can be contacted on [email protected] Family: Sandy, my ‘partner in garden grime’ Cosmo, our cocker spaniel pup Max, the mouser Poppy, the wee cutie Betty, Marge and Rose, our gorgeous girls!While I have yet to meet anybody who likes eating haggis on the regular, you have to give the Scots credit. And one that proves you’re a pretty bad ass foodie, if you have the guts to try it #foodchallenge.

Tiny and only grown in the wilderness of the Scottish woodlands, they’re the some of the sweetest berries I’ve ever tasted. Salmon, haddock, trout, and mackerel are just a few readily available fish, and you can also sample Scotland’s fresh shellfish, including crab, lobster, prawns, scallops, and mussels among others.The Highland cow, though much furrier and cuter than it’s warm weather, short-haired cousins, is known for it’s premium meat.Seriously, the meat is regarded as one of the world’s highest quality and is much lower in cholesterol than other varieties of beef, meaning in the long run, you’ll be slightly healthier for it, too.In the Spring of 2013 we left the city behind and moved to a lovely little cottage on the edge of the Scottish Pentland Hills, just South of Edinburgh.

After a glorious Summer of simply enjoying having one, the first time since being ‘grown up’, it was time to start ripping everything out and start again.

When we did Don’t Guac (our first annual guacamole competition) at the Spoon U chapter of the University of St Andrews back in Feb 2016, there were rumors flying around that some competitors were getting fresh avocados flown in from California for the occasion. But just because avocados in Scotland are terrible doesn’t mean all Scottish food is.