Define non liquidating assets

A bankruptcy trustee manages this bankruptcy estate, selling property to raise money to pay off a debtor's creditors.However, a bankruptcy debtor does not necessarily have to turn over everything to the bankruptcy estate.

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The law attempts to maintain an equality between creditors, so the assets are distributed proportionately according to the size of each creditor's claim.After these steps have been carried out, the company is formally dissolved.The law classifies liquidations into two types: voluntary (which is by a shareholders' resolution) or compulsory (by a court order).If done right, this can potentially save most of the property of someone going through bankruptcy.

Property that is exempt can generally be called the "necessities of modern life." This generally includes the sort of items that are necessary for living and working.

In a Chapter 7 liquidation case, the debtor has to turn certain property over to the bankruptcy trustee.