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Nigella Lawson will present a special show in which she says, “Hmmm, I’m snowed in, snug and cosy by a log fire. Well today, I’m going to look at a fun way to slow roast your pets.

Next winter Southern rail will make announcements that go: “All services from Brighton are cancelled until further notice.From the stoic and sphinx-like Queen, to the glamorous reserve of the Duchess of Cambridge, we're used to monarchy with an added layer of mystique but Princess Martha Louise of Norway is ripping up the royal rule book.The divorced mother-of-three, 46, who spent time with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to Oslo last week takes a down-to-earth approach to royal life, and is known for her refreshingly honest Instagram posts.On a webinar on Soulspring, which she co-founded with business partner Elisabeth Nordeng in 2007, she wrote: 'I have the position I have in Norway, which means I have to share the things happening in my life whether positive or negative.'And, as you know, I’m going through a divorce, which is a very painful period in my life.'You can work at being more honest with yourself, and then deal directly with your unique and deep feelings.'She added: 'Of course, it is difficult and tedious, but it also means that you can process it and recover faster…Without that knowledge, I would not be here now.'In December 2017, Martha Louise posted a jocular Instagram post saying she would like a boyfriend as her Christmas present.

She's also been open about her struggle with accepting her royal status earlier in her life, admitting she'd tried the 'Princess and the Pea' experiment from the childhood fairytale.

So the planet hasn’t got warmer at all – it’s got colder, which shows how much scientists know.