Dreams about your ex dating someone else

Question where you haven’t been fair or who you may have recently taken advantage of.

When you dream about being jealous this is a reflection of your own protective feelings, feelings of abandonment, and desires of how things should be.Since you ex is very familiar to you or may be closer to you than anyone else before, they are being represented as the character that you want however you cannot be with in your dream.Often we dream about our exes because we are still in love with them and they are a dominant thought when we are awake.Most of the time when you have jealousy issues in a dream then it is a sign that you need to be more assertive and in control in a relationship or situation in order to clarify your role and the importance of you in the situation.

If you are the one feeling jealous in a dream then you may want to consider your own actions as well.

There are still some emotions lingering from your break up and you are expressing these emotions in your dreams.

Dreams about your ex dating someone else comments

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