Dreams about your ex dating someone else

It is normal for a person dream about their ex after a break up.However, if you are constantly having bad dreams about your ex, how are you going to move on with your life?Anyways, I am dreaming about him alot it seems every night he`s in my dreams either i am marrying him, getting back with him, or we are having intercourse or he still loves me, I dont know it confuses me. Your website is very useful explains alot but I need so much more information I looked everywhere and I am not getting answers, please help.Can someone please tell me if its normal to dream about your ex boyfriend every single night? I know I never do this is a first for me and it scares me. Since you ex is very familiar to you or may be closer to you than anyone else before, they are being represented as the character that you want however you cannot be with in your dream.Often we dream about our exes because we are still in love with them and they are a dominant thought when we are awake.If you are having bad dreams of your ex, this could be a reflection of your own fears and insecurities. These dreams may bring on feelings of self-doubt about your break and may motivate you to seek to reconnect with your ex.

If you are the one feeling jealous in a dream then you may want to consider your own actions as well.It is normal to dream about being with your ex because you are always thinking of them.When you are ready to move on, your ex will make fewer appearances in your dreams.Whenever you dream about jealousy you need to weigh out whether or not your feelings are fair and if you are doing the right thing for yourself and the other person in your waking world. Feeling jealousy in a dream is an indication of your own feelings of inadequacy.

The other person that you are feeling jealous about is usually not even a real issue in your waking world and the problem that you are having is feeling that you don’t have enough to offer in a relationship or situation.

When you feel jealous this can be about your own guilt about playing favorites with someone else and realizing that you are the one that is not being fair.