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Tap the Settings icon on the home screen of your phone Tap Safari Scroll down Tap Clear History and Website Data If you’re logged into Tinder you need to log out.Go to Tinder settings screen by tapping the cog Select Tinder app settings Log out of Tinder Now it’s time to create the (fake) Facebook account that Tinder will link to.Bring clean, reusable, portable items such as clothing, housewares, games, books, & toys that you no longer need, and take home something new-to-you, free!You don’t have to bring something to take something.Another benefit to using Tinder without your personal Facebook is that that you can control the content that other Tinder users can see on your Tinder profile – you can edit your personal details in Facebook which will then automatically flow through to your Tinder profile.That means you can change your age, your name and your pictures on Tinder much more easily.Each Facebook account requires an email address so the first thing to do is setup a fake email.

IMPORTANT: The details shown on your Tinder profile will come from the First Name, Gender and Birthdate that you enter here so make sure you put in the values you want.Pledge to bring your bags when shopping at Greenmarkets and help us go plastic-free!THREE SIMPLE STEPS TO SETUP A TINDER PROFILE (WITHOUT FACEBOOK) THAT ATTRACTS MORE MATCHES!!If our schedule is full and we can’t get to you soon enough, we would be more than happy to offer tips on running your own community swap. Help Greenmarket go plastic-free by bringing your own bags while shopping in the markets.

Made from petroleum, plastic bags are contributing to enivonmental degradation around the world, clogging our oceans, and are an enormous waste of money.

The Surname field does not matter so just enter a common surname in their.