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List randomization enables respondents to report on sensitive behavior without allowing the researcher to identify their individual response.Half the participants are randomly selected to receive a short list of activities and asked how many they have engaged in, but they do not have to state which ones.For example, in response to the question, “What does HIV reinfection mean?” users received the following SMS message:"There are different types (strains) of HIV/AIDS so even if you are already infected you can catch another type of the virus which can make you more sick.In contexts where knowledge about a particular health topic is low, people often lack adequate information to make decisions that will maintain or improve their health.This lack of information can lead them to underestimate the specific health risks they face and perhaps engage in risker behavior than they otherwise would have chosen.

HIV prevalence is high: UNAIDS estimated HIV prevalence to be 6.5 percent among adults aged 15–49 in 2009.

The other respondents see the same list of activities, but a key sensitive activity of interest to researchers, like condom use, is added.

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