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Obviously this site is super popular with the fans.I remember it even getting linked a few times from ESPN, so the journalists read it as well. Basketbawful will continue to provide you with daily fart humor in the form of the following:*This presumes my co-horts Chris, Dan B, Anaconda HL and Wild Yams continue to provide support. It's hard to imagine this site becoming any more awesome. Josh is right you and the rest of the crew already are doing a great job as it is. Are there features and functions that would improve the Basketbawful experience? A weekly update would be enough for this, as doing it daily could be [email protected] Making this site more awesome is probably not medically possible.It can be a solid player whose contract just happens to really hamstring a franchise.

I do like Sorbo's idea though, the weekly top 5 Bawful Board sounds like something that would provide me with a nice laugh every week.Do it anonomously so that Darth Stern won't air choke you.But I would like to hear some basketbawful direct from the NBA. Bawful - First of all, here's a couple shots of Tarman for you to file away for future usage.If you enjoy playing 2k11 and I'm not the only one who liked them last year, of course.

Might be even more fun with the added endorsements, press conferences and trade demands I've been hearing about so far.

I love and look forward to reading the Wo TN - and then adding my own "witty" comments - every single day during the season.

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