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Please read the list of caveats at Perform a bulk update of the given list of mapping dictionaries.

For objects¶ – Optional; restricts the flush operation to operate only on elements that are in the given collection.Note that a highly isolated transaction will return the same values as were previously read in that same transaction, regardless of changes in database state outside of that transaction.To expire all objects in the object’s current transactional context in order to load all expired attributes for the given instance.The “partial rollback” state refers to when an “inner” transaction, typically used during a flush, encounters an error and emits a rollback of the DBAPI connection.

At this point, the block as long as it doesn’t enter “partial rollback” state.

Note that this ‘dirty’ calculation is ‘optimistic’; most attribute-setting or collection modification operations will mark an instance as ‘dirty’ and place it in this set, even if there is no net change to the attribute’s value.

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    Aug 16, 2016. In most cases, simply discarding any existing session is sufficient to force the framework to issue a new sessionid cookie, with a new value. If the session variable and the cookie value ever don't match, then we have a potential fixation attack, and should invalidate the session, and force the user to log on.…