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But a more serious way to give your dog a name that means business is to move over to the world of guard dog names.Are you looking for tough dog names because you want to give the impression of safety and security?At the end of the day, a sporting event is a moneymaking entertainment venue and catchy nicknames are just one small way for broadcasters, teams, fans, and athletes themselves to add to the value of their product.Origins of nicknames can stem from the praise of teammates, broadcasters or the God-complexes of athletes themselves.They don’t have to be serious, but can also be a tongue in cheek nod to strength too!Your dog doesn’t have to be traditionally hard as nails to deserve a tough dog name.This act of intimidation can come in different forms, but the aspect we are discussing in this article is the one impeded in the team names, names such as Thunder, Tiger, Rockets, Ghosts etc will make the opponent shiver even before the game starts.

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This one isn't intimidating by any means, unless you are a criminal, of which the NFL has its share.Similarly, nicknames can be intimidating, humorous or just clever.This list will detail some of the nicknames in the world of sports that are the most popular for these three purposes.Then fierce dog names could be right up your alley.

Study has shown that intimidation in sports is what gives most teams victory not necessarily that they are better than the other team.

A solid gang name should strike fear into the hearts of all that hear it.

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