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"Honestly, I don't know what it's worth Sam," I said, as I refilled my wine glass. "See the Land Rover parked in front of the sidewalk," I said, taking another sip of wine.I knew their jaws were dropping open and I didn't even have to look at them.We became fast friends and agreed that while we enjoyed our night together, our relationship would be strictly platonic going forward.Rachel looked into my eyes and said in a serious tone, "I'm not judging you Melanie, but I know you, and this isn't you.

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I was sure that Sue had probably told Rachel and Samantha the story of Friday night at least twenty times already.I also saw my roommate Rachel's car so I knew all three of them had to be inside.Sue and Samantha never come over on a Monday afternoon, I smelled an ambush.They silently looked out the window for a full minute, before they came back to the living room and sat down without saying a word. "I know you Melanie, and I want to tell you the truth.

It was like a dark storm cloud had come into the room and the tension was thick. The bracelet, the car, your pussy just isn't that good." We all broke out in a fit of laughter as I grabbed a pillow off the couch and threw it at her.

I had also stopped by the student records office and put James' name on my financial account, like he had asked, so he would start receiving my tuition bills.

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