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The whole family is singing and listening to music all day long, while his younger sister, who is only 5, cries whenever she hears a song she doesn’t like. His father is an army officer and the family moves a lot from town to town.Nicolas appreciates very much friendship, but he finds it hard to keep his good friends. Evelin (15) - Megalono (I grow up) (written by Dimitris Thomas (13) & Evaggelia (Evelin) Gerakiti) 3rd 4207 7.6% 02.His vast experience will help Dino deal with the excitement of the J-ESC.After all, he’s already been successful at lots of similar events.Refrain Rap You know we're gonna stay, buddies forever Buddies forever forever forever We are gonna be like one forever Buddies forever forever forever Just like I said we 'll be buddies forever Buddies forever forever forever Buddies forever forever forever, ooh-ooh-ooh At the age of eleven, Dino is an old hand at show biz.Music’s been his passion ever since his earliest childhood days.Colour of my eyes: Blue My astrological sign: Twins Colour of my hair: Black My height: 156 cm I have ...

But this is just the most recent success of his: Dino has been on stage since his earliest childhood, impressing not only audiences and juries, but his role models Gibonni and Tony Cetinski as well.He loves going to school and his favorite subject is: foreign languages.On his spare time he enjoys singing and listening to music. He is a dedicated fan of the Greek football team of Panathinaikos.So it was a special highlight when Dino went on stage with Tony, and the two of them, dressed as twins, presented Tony’s Eurovision Song „Zbog nje“ at a Revival Night of the Croation Eurosong Contest.

After that, nothing could hold Dino back as he got ahead in the papers and on TV.

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