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Studies that are compliant with current Ecological Footprint Standards use global hectares as a measurement unit.This makes Ecological Footprint results globally comparable, just as financial assessments use one currency, such as dollars or Euros, to compare transactions and financial flows throughout the world.This single hectare provides both services, thus counting the Footprint of the cow twice (once for material production and once for waste absorption) results in double counting the actual area necessary to support the cow.The Footprint associated with the absorption of all biological materials that are harvested is thus already counted in the Footprint of those materials.A quiz about what the organization members think of you, quite long results including your enemies, , BFF, and BF, and some random questions here lol no lexaeus included though..

The term Ecological Footprint, capitalized, is a proper name referring to a specific research question: how much of the biological capacity of the planet is demanded by a given human activity or population?How does the Ecological Footprint address waste flows?From an Ecological Footprint perspective, the term ‘waste’ includes three different categories of materials, and each category is treated differently within Footprint accounts.The existence of global overshoot suggests that human society will need to make significant changes to ‘business as usual’ if it wants to create a sustainable future.

Robust and accurate Ecological Footprint accounts can help us make decisions towards sustainability, and can quantitatively show the positive impacts of groups, businesses, and people making decisions that are helping to bring human demand within the means of the planet.

Productive land and sea areas support human demands for food, fiber, timber, energy, and space for infrastructure.