Philips gogear always updating

Hi, i need your help, i bought a mp4 philips muse gogear SA3MUS16, but i have some problems, like sometimes the screen freez, the mp4 reset, when i hear music in random mode i always hear the same songs in the same order.i send a mail to the team support and they told that i had to reinstaling the firmware.Connect your player to your PC and let it charge for at least 3 hours as the battery may be flat and will need to charge for this time to turn on. After charging for this time turn on the player and reset the player by holding down the small reset button with a pin for about 10-15 seconds (you will feel it click in hold it down until the player turns off and restarts). Follow the repair instructions in the songbird version from the support page (Download version 2.5.4 for SA3MUS directly from the support page and uninstall any previous songbird versions).

Edit: Vasicek, enable private messaging from members in your profile. You shoul'd be able to send me a message now, I hope.If this doesn't work to resolve the issue we can look into this further for you.Great feedback about the equalizer, I will send your suggestions through to our development team they are always looking to hear feedback from our users.2619-Error-when-updating-SA3MUS) This has helped to resolve this problem for others experiencing this same issue when their player will not turn on, and should get your player working again.

Let me know if you still need any further help with this!

Also, I will reply to your new topic SA3MUS is dead after inserting sdhc card. 3503-SA3MUS-is-dead-after-inserting-sdhc-card.), so please check! Kindest regards, Andrea I repaired my device, but firmware version is 1.0 I do not know what is your opinion on this fact, but once I got my device back to life I decided not even try to update it anymore. Hi Cassandra, I did the 2.5.6 upgrade using my gogear muse, has died.