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If this doesn't work to resolve the issue we can look into this further for you.Great feedback about the equalizer, I will send your suggestions through to our development team they are always looking to hear feedback from our users.The repair method in SB is aborted with an error message. I read the relating topics and tried everything without any result. Kind regards, Cassandrahi Cassandra, thanks for your help, finally i could repair my gogaer SA3MUS16, but i used onother tool, RK28Upgrade v1.27, and the new firmware.

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And mainly pure source for firmware updating like for example Cowon etc.?? The player fully dead, can not switch on (it was charged to 70% when it was collapsed), if it is attached to the computer no singns of charging, or anything... I tried to reset it with a pin as read in this and other relating topics, deleted and fully installed the latest Songbird, but it always seems the same. i did that with the songbird but when it was finished appear an error message and the mp4 when i connetc to the pc i can't see it, and in the pc appear a RK28usb device connect. thanks....hi, these are some screen shots when i try to repair my philips mp4 gogear when i connect to the pc 478 when i try to repair with songbird 479480481 i hope that with this imagens everybody can help me THANKS!!!But it seems like i would never connected my player in firmware mode, if im holding volume button, or not, it is still the same, after downloading the firmware, error is appeared. The thing it that having it and having any firmware (use 7z until you get the file) you can solve any firmware-related problem!

Could Gemelo give me some information about repairing mp4 player without songbird? Edit: I have received a question on how to use RK28Upgrade.

2619-Error-when-updating-SA3MUS) This has helped to resolve this problem for others experiencing this same issue when their player will not turn on, and should get your player working again.

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