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Included in our program are weekly video and audio lessons, infield training assignments, top resources, secret forum, and weekly phone coaching and webinar coaching.A regularly featured speaker at PUA suminars, David M. While the rest of the gurus were in the clubs and in field, he was developing a systematic program for getting dates, sex, and girlfriends from online dating sites.For him, it’s not about working the skills of pick up into your life, it’s about creating the lifestyle that ensures the art of the pick up just naturally happens, any time, day or night, any place.DJ Fuji is a former Mehow Inc instructor, who now operates his own pickup company.The Pick Up Artist Academy program is fun, easy, ongoing and gets awesome results.at Pick up Artist Academy is not just another dating program.He is known for successfully helping virgins and other hard cases expand their options with women, as well as dealing with the challenges of being an Asian pick up artist.

Alex is the latest featured "natural instinct" superstar from RSD and goes on tour for the RSD Hotseat in 2012 and early 2013 The role of Captain Jack in the field of PUA is not just to be the seducer, but to show men how to live as well.David has started his own dating company which offers private coaching to guys, and he was also the inspiration for the movie "Hitch".Discovery AKA Shaun Michael is a master pick-up artist that takes the art of the pickup to an all new level.When it comes to putting his money where his mouth is, former RSD Nation instructor Ciaran definitely had that policy covered, and then some.

David Deangelo is one of the most successful "gurus" in the pickup industry, and one of the first to turn pickup into a business.

The Insider Internet Dating system outlines the process and contingencies from first phone call to what to do on a first date. Its about being cocky and funny but in the right situations…