Puff guo and aaron yan dating

In 2007, Yan reprised his roles in the sequels The X-Family and They Kiss Again.The issue though is that his ideal actress Puff Kuo, who last year in their drama "Just You" won the hearts of many, may not be able to complete this drama with him.

Her appearance on the variety show helped boast her popularity outside of Taiwan.(Taipei August 11, 2015)With Chinese Valentine's Day coming up, actress Puff Kuo claimed that she has been single for five years.She revealed that her friends are always eager to introduce her a new date.The beginning of 2014, Kuo became a part of the second season of We Got Married Global Edition.

Super Junior's Kim Heechul appeared as Kuo's partner in the variety show.

The group's second album titled "Girl's Talk" debuted on December 7, 2012.