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Instead, Rabbi Pruzansky compares the very vocal opposition to "putting up a big sign which says: ' Halt!You're going down a very dangerous road - don't take others with you like the Conservative Movement did! Teaneck, NJ 07666For Singles 30s & 40s Scholar in Residence: Rabbi S."Open Orthodoxy", the Jewish movement which has been kicking up a storm in the US, has faced considerable opposition from the Modern Orthodox establishment there.Simply put, this group has been created in order to help those people that really do not fit into the "modern" or "Yeshivish" crowd, but fall somewhere in between. Esther Zywica Due to the overwhelming success of numerous events for the diverse crowd, Yaakov Grunstein has spearheaded this new venture for this distinct group.Every aspect of our events have been approved by: Rabbi Boruch Simon- Yeshiva University Rabbi Kenneth Auman, YI of Flatbush Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, YI of Kew Garden Hills Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield, YI of Staten Island Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, Cong. All events promise to be unique, laid back yet structured, in such a way that conforms to the approval of the above Rabbonim.I'm not sure that's the case in Open Orthodoxy." He adds that the term "Modern Orthodox" is more "an attempt to distinguish it from hareidi-Orthodoxy, where involvement in the modern world is frowned upon or in some way 'unideal' on any level." Where Modern Orthodoxy differs with hareidi streams of thought, he elaborates, is its belief that normative Halakhic standards can be strictly adhered to without shutting oneself off from the rest of the world.

"Every group tries to define itself differently, but I don't think that Modern Orthodoxy is an attempt to integrate secular values into Torah; rather, it represents a great appreciation or awareness of the Jew's place in the modern world."I think the public opposition to it is an effort to put up a roadblock, so they are not lost to the Torah world as was for the most part the Conservative Movement."What they [the Conservative Movement - ed.] tried to do was to 'modernize' the Torah; but what they ended up with was a diluted Torah that is indistinguishable from the secular value system of the western world." Despite the bitter opposition to Rabbi Weiss's movement, Rabbi Pruzansky is careful to explain that the attacks are not personal."When you mix something impure into a pure system, they don't go together... either the Torah or feminism." He points out that he often meets Orthodox women who "see themselves as feminists in terms of the right to receive equal rights in the workplace and wages, etc...

But not a single one is interested in wearing tefillin, being a hazan (cantor), because that's just a man's role in shul.

- A shadchan/facilitator will keep in touch with both of you, through your entire dating period to insure you reach your goal of finding your zivug. - Interact with small groups of participants with the anticipation of getting a chance to meet everyone throughout the evening. p.m.