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I'm not sure that's the case in Open Orthodoxy." He adds that the term "Modern Orthodox" is more "an attempt to distinguish it from hareidi-Orthodoxy, where involvement in the modern world is frowned upon or in some way 'unideal' on any level." Where Modern Orthodoxy differs with hareidi streams of thought, he elaborates, is its belief that normative Halakhic standards can be strictly adhered to without shutting oneself off from the rest of the world.They are simply two different approaches, but share the same fundamental Torah values.We are Labeless but with a serious hashkafa in mind - We are to the right of modern orthodox - which means that we are exclusively for women that “want” to cover their hair when they are married and men that “want” their wives to cover their hair too.* AND we stretch across the board up until Yeshivish.

But not a single one is interested in wearing tefillin, being a hazan (cantor), because that's just a man's role in shul.

Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneckand several others that choose to remain anonymous at this time. Yaakov is in charge of creating an atmosphere conducive to participants to meet at least most of the other attendees.