Radcalendar selected date not updating

I'm simply trying to search data using the value given in the ...I'm pulling my hair over this, I can't get the Client-Side API of Rad Date Picker to work. My want is simple just want to create a object of a Rad Date Picker ... I noticed that it is not working properly on IE 8 and 10.As, 8th Sept, falls under the current week, the color is something different than what ever we have seen in previous selection date. Writing my grid control, (which is for yet another project -a registry cleaner- and people wonder why it takes so long to get this stuff done..), I came to the point where I created filters in the header columns, like in windows explorer, this is when I found myself in need of a Calendar and.. the next best example I could find was Arash Sahebolamri' Persian Date control. in persian, it was in the right neighborhood of what I required, and this control is loosely based on that control.The Rad Date Time Picker control is composite controls that combine the functionality of Rad Calendar and Rad Time View with the functionality of Rad Date Input to give the broadest possible range of options for selecting date and time values.The three controls have the same basic structure: The three major components of a Rad Date Picker, Rad Time Picker or Rad Date Time Picker control are: Since Rad Date Picker does not recognize other Time Popups excepts its own,it closes only the Calendar Popups.So I am not able to update the other Rad Date Picker after Selection Changed is invoked. In previous tip (How to Change Background Color of Current Week in ASP. ) we have seen how we can highlight the all dates of current week by changing the background color. Here we will get to know how we can highlight the the Current week selected date in some different color format not Complete Week To achieve the same, first of all we need to identify the current week first and last date, so that we can put some condition for the specific date range.

Selected Date; // Format the date as you need using any custom formatting rules var formatted Date = date. when I tried doing :: get_Selected Date is the client-side method. It's a nullable datetime so you have to check to see if it has a value first before you fetch it such as: if(registered Date. Has Value) The best place though for these questions is the Telerik forums. Still I can not use this value as Date Time value to pass in my module.Selected Date as you can see in this little code snippet. Selected Date in the Pre Render to make it bubble up to the Date Picker's textbox.