Reading and dating roman coins

The unique hoard of 186 coins that came from as far away as China and Syria was discovered by volunteers searching for photographs at Scotney Castle in Lamberhurst, near Tunbridge Wells.The collection includes Greek coins from the seventh century BC and Roman coins from the late second century BC.

One volunteer who unearthed the coins said the Husseys had collected a vast number of artefacts, with the family living at Scotney for two centuries before it was donated to the National Trust.Dating from between 600 and 550 BC it is the only Greek-origin coin at Scotney Castle.A Welsh penny coin, forged in 1787, features a druid and is inscribed with the words 'We promise to pay the bearer one penny, 1787'.A set from the first century is just one short of the full complement of ancient emperors.

A coin from the Greek island of Aegina is one of the earliest struck in Europe and features sea turtle, a creature sacred to Aphrodite.

Julian Bowsher, a MOLA coin specialist, said the find was 'significant and diverse'.'A particular highlight was seeing Roman coins that rarely appear in Britain, such as those of the third century emperors Balbinus, Pupienus and Aemilian, none of whom ruled for more than a year,' he added.

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