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Most clergy in America earn a humble $45,000 or less per year as they work tirelessly to share the gospel.While most seminarians don’t pursue a career in preaching expecting to get rich—some spiritual leaders have built lucrative empires comparable to the dynasties previously only enjoyed by star athletes, A-list actors, and corporate elites.After all, she was the only younger female consistently in the spotlight, and so designers were clamoring to dress h...In 2005, the actress, Jennifer Garner, and the actor, Ben Affleck, got married in sunny Turks and Caicos— a wedding that was not highly publicized.Meanwhile, impressive performance on the ground usually has a domino effect to the athlete’s career. Rowling, Dan Brown, and Stephen King have achieved celebrity status with the success of their manuscripts.

Amy Farrah Fowler, of the sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. Kim Jong-un is a man of many unique titles (son of Kim Jong-il and the third member of his family to serve as ruler of North Korea), but he’s also a person who goes through many of the same experience...Who are these pastors and what are their net worths?Let’s get to know some of the richest pastors in America.Being in the public eye most of the time, celebrities sport the latest fashion craze and they set the new trend across the globe.

Apart from being the constant talk of the town, they are also known to live lavish lifestyles.

That question is at the heart of a quiet (and, for many, uncomfortable) issue: pastor compensation.