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Facebook will also give Group leaders more tools, akin to what Facebook provides Page owners.Zuckerberg didn’t provide specifics, but those features might include analytics about what content is engaging, the ability to set more types of admins and moderators or the option to add outside app functionality.Zuckerberg explains the forthcoming policy, writing: “The idea is to give everyone in the community options for how they would like to set the content policy for themselves. To classify potentially objectionable content Facebook will lean more heavily on artificial intelligence, which is already delivering 30 percent of all content flags to its human reviewers.

And to fight polarization and sensationalism, not just objectively fake news, it wants to present users with a range of sources across the political spectrum about a given topic.The final vote would have needed 300 million votes to be binding, but received just 619,000. Zuckerberg also outlined several other product development plans.Now users who don’t “vote” on their settings receive the local defaults, “like a referendum” in a U. Facebook hopes to add more suggestions for local Groups to tie users deeper into their communities.If you need to make even stricter changes then there are apps which also provide the blocking of inappropriate content.

One of the best ones is Norton Family Parental Control.

wants to give you the power to define what is and isn’t objectionable, and influence the local defaults of those who don’t choose voluntarily.

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