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Below you'll find a list of crosswords that we solve everyday (or when they are available) alongside with the latest one we have solved. Use the search form on the right (top on mobile) or our advanced Crossword Solver.Did you know that there are plenty of other crossword puzzles that you can play on your Smartphone (be it i OS or Android) or your PC?(You hang some clothes on the clothesline.) 2) Isabit mo ang damit sa sampayan.(Hang the clothes on the clothesline.) Word: sabong2 Active Verb: magsabong Passive Verb: isabong English Definition: (verb) to engage in cockfighting; to play or bet in a cockfight L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Ayaw nilang magsabong sa Mahal na Araw.Word: sabay1 Active Verb: sumabay Passive Verb: sabayan English Definition: (verb) to go with; to go at the same time L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Sumabay tayo kay Jose papuntang opisina.(Let us go with Jose on the way to the office.) 2) Sabayan mo si Jose papuntang opisina.A limousine and the outline of roulette wheels move along this area.This area also briefly appears at the end of the song.

Dash Cafes are FREE to attend, but do let us know you're coming by reserving your place via [email protected] Our October Café, held on the anniversary of the October Revolution a century ago, explores its impact on Russia today.She wears a red and orange masquerade mask, an orange and red short sleeved suit split in half by color, two black bow-ties (one around her neck and one on her waist), and a pair of knee high stiletto boots that are half-split between red and orange. She wears a blue masquerade mask, a navy blue suit with halter straps, a corset, a cape at the hips, and navy blue ankle boots.The background begins at a dark, neon-lit area, which moves from right to left.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.