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A gynoid (or fembot) is a humanoid robot that is gendered feminine.Gynoids appear widely in science fiction film and art.The last thing you want is for a hacker to have control over one of these robots.Once hacked they could absolutely be used to perform physical actions for an advantageous scenario or to cause damage.” At the moment, the technology behind sex cyborgs is rather primitive, but there’s no telling what the future could hold.As more realistic humanoid robot design becomes technologically possible, they are also emerging in real-life robot design.A gynoid is anything that resembles or pertains to the female human form.

Gynoid is also used in American English medical terminology as a shortening of the term gynecoid (gynaecoid in British English).Researchers have noted the connection between the design of feminine robots and roboticists' assumptions about gendered appearance and labor.Fembots in Japan, for example, are designed with slenderness and grace in mind, People also react to fembots in ways that may be attributed to gender stereotypes.on your Wi-Fi enabled neural implant when your significant other walks into the room.

Sure, she isn’t human, but she sure looks like it, and she has that look in her eye that tells you that she wants to get a little freaky. There’s been a lot of talk recently about the dangers of AI, with folks like Elon Musk sounding the alarm and suggesting the very real possibility that we may be on the brink of engineering our own demise. Nick Patterson of Deakin University in Australia has now jumped into the conversation, warning that it isn’t just artificially intelligent military systems or infrastructure that could pose a threat, but sex robots as well.

You float to the bedroom on your hoverboard and are beginning to disrobe when — BOOM — she strangles you to death with her cold robot hands. Speaking with the , Patterson notes that the potential for hackers to target robots designed for intimacy could put users at risk.