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“Women, just by virtue of their role in society, have so much contact with the people—children, young people, other women, even men. “We give them an education so they can offer it in a scholarly way.”The morchidat program leverages a woman’s familial and social influence to combat radical Islam at the level of the sidewalks—and at individual mosques.“We’ve found over the years that if we have women organize something at the mosque, 450 people show up.The only alleged survivor of the 2015 Paris rampage is a Frenchman of Moroccan origin; his trial began last week.The men behind the Brussels airport and tram bombings that happened months later were also ethnic Moroccans.It turns young women into religious scholars and then sends them out into pockets of the country where radical Islamists are known to recruit disenfranchised youth—to provide spiritual guidance that contradicts the messages they might receive from violent extremists.Making school visits and home visits, each woman—called a , or spiritual guide—talks to young Muslims and contests interpretations of the Quran that terrorist groups use for recruitment.

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Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, focuses on finding jobs and wives for recruited jihadists.” But programs that reach people once they’ve already been radicalized might come too late. “Community leaders, neighborhood leaders have a comparative advantage in a number of different dimensions,” Sales said.“As they saw more and more of us, we became easier to accept,” she explained, and people in the community began asking her for advice or suggesting she go talk to this young man or that family where a problem with radical ideas might be developing. We sat with the mothers and taught them how to help their children.”Many of the young Moroccan men and women who turn to groups like ISIS feel isolated, come from violent homes, or have been involved with petty crime.“It probably helped that we didn’t argue with [the young people we talked to],” she said. Radical Islamists offer them community and tell them that a full-throated embrace of their religion—an embrace that includes violence against nonbelievers—is the solution.Although these figures are low compared to, say, Tunisia’s—some 7,000 Tunisians joined the group over the same period—the death toll in Europe has brought into focus the need for prevention and Morocco has come to play an outsized role in the debate over how, exactly, young people can be stopped from embracing radical Islam.

It’s one of many countries around the world experimenting with various “countering violent extremism” (CVE) or de-radicalization programs.

This is an important requirement because it typically takes years to memorize the Quran, and if incoming students are already deeply familiar with the texts, the center can focus on interpretation instead of memorization. The Moroccan government picks up the tab for tuition, room and board, books, medical care, flights home, and small monthly stipends.

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