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Morocco is in a region vulnerable to terrorist recruitment, but it hasn’t had a significant attack on its own soil since 2011, when terrorists bombed a Marrakesh café.Yet ethnic Moroccans have been at the center of ISIS attacks in Europe.When she went to call on mothers in their homes, knocks went unanswered, even though “we knew people were inside,” she said. Even school administrators wondered what she was doing in the hallways, concerned that if she found radicalized youth among the student body then the schools themselves would suffer.Hidra said it required quiet patience to earn their trust.

The campus itself is hidden behind a succession of wrought iron gates; security is tight, as many Islamists don’t approve of their moderate teachings. Students apply from all over the Arab world and Africa; only about 10 percent are Hidra suggest the solution is less doctrinaire.They walk young people through Quranic passages that emphasize tolerance, and provide gentler interpretations of passages that could be taken to promote violence.The idea is that young people eventually learn that their faith is not at odds with their families or society more broadly, and that this provides a lasting bulwark against terrorist recruiters.

sits in a neighborhood that feels more southern California chic than North African Maghreb.

There is no strict segregation of the sexes, but there is separation.

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